Whispering Sweet Buzzwords
by Glen Golightly


I was synched up with the holistic environment as Trixi and I walked into world headquarters. We were there to allow the associates a touchstone to validate an ethical closure to their vision.

“We’re definitely proactive change agents,” Trixi told me as we prepared to interface with those about to be downsized. “Too bad this group got siloed after all that team building.”

I nodded my agreement with the paradigm she outlined. “We’re empowering them to visualize,” I said. “It’s actually rightsizing the knowledge workers to take a granular view.”

“Oooh, Trey, I like the sizzle, and I think we’re bonding,” Trixi cooed. “We’re early, so why don’t we utilize this closet, and you can drill down and give me a good customer experience?”

“I think the two of us is a smart size, Trixi, but I hope you have trouble conceptualizing. It wouldn’t be a win-win if you upset my bachelor mindset.”

“That all depends on your deliverables,” she pitched. “Multi-task me baby!”

She grabbed my hand, and the synergy flowed. We efforted to remove the roadblocks in our search for excellence in passion. We stripped away the layers of our corporate casual attire. Her pink slip followed a downward trend.

And with that, I ramped up to stroke her centers of excellence and begin forward-looking market penetration.

I felt the robustness of her bottom line and was about to warehouse my product line when she retreated.

“Slow down and until I, like, you know, initiate the IPO, I think you’d better think outside the box!” Trixi sternly commanded.

I surveyed my human resources and hoped for another inflationary period when her conditions were ripe. Till then, I worked on her low-hanging fruit.

© 2004 Glen Golightly, All Rights Reserved

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