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The funniest sitcom on the web. An appreciation for the absurd and a sharp, talented cast ensure several laugh-out-loud moments per episode.

Fun with comic book covers from the Golden Age of Superheroes.

Shelley Berman
Official website of comedic legend Shelley Berman. Tell him his best
students sent you.

The Earth Is Not Moving
More unintentional comedy, this time from the top "non-moving Earth and anti-evolution" site on the web.

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross
Official website. The finest in comedic genius.


Jim Emerson, the "founding editor-in-chief" of, weighs in with his own thoughts on pop culture and film history at his Scanners blog.

The offical website for the the upcoming feature film Illegal Use of Joe Zopp. A very cool project from Nick Holle and his Chippewa Falls amigos.

The Big Lebowski
There is no official web site. But somehow there are people who like the movie even more than we do and who hold a festival every year to rub it in. We never attend, but we abide.

Super Troopers
No official web site. But check out the site for Broken Lizard, creators of the excellent Super Troopers, and the spectacular bomb we haven’t seen, Club Dread.


The best show on television. We're waiting for Season 3 to come out on DVD.

The State
Alums from this series have gone on to do a lot of things, including Reno 911. But you don’t get any better than $240 worth of pudding

Freaks And Geeks
Official website. Perhaps the greatest show ever made.


Morning Becomes Eclectic
Host Nic Harcourt provides one of the best music programs available on the radio (or the web--listen to archived programs online). You'll hear new music here before you hear it anywhere else.

Desert Sage
Riders of a hard groove at the L.A. Book Festival. As their website says,
"Not your father's bluegrass."

Hobo Jazz
Official website. Bluesy-folk-prison music.

Soda And His Million Piece Band
Official website. They rock roofs off of joints.

Official website. The funnest band in Los Angeles.


Craig's Happy Place
FLYMF friend Craig Berger offers his thoughts on writing, poker, politics,
and whatever else comes to mind.


Sports Guy's World
ESPN's Bill Simmons is a FLYMF favorite. His column is a good mix of
common sense and great humor.


Public Library Of Science
A collection of free online scientific journals—the descriptions are written for laypersons. Find out how to build your own monkey-man.


Archie McPhee's
Librarian action figures, gummy bacon, and much more toys and novelty items.

Not Pr0n
An online brainteaser--something to play with while you're supposed to be working.

Einstein's Refrigerator Site Index
A treasure trove of random information, from the story of matchstick man Jack Hall to the origin of the condom.


Salt Magazine
An excellent collection of contributors bring smiles to yuppies and hipsters across the nation.


Comics Curmudgeon
Josh Fruhlinger breaks down the latest happenings in the funny pages. If you're looking for someone to lovingly mock the latest Mary Worth, he's your man

News and reviews to keep you informed on what's going on in the world of sequential art.

A truly superb comic strip by Chris Onstad. It can make you laugh like Chucklebot or cry 'til you blubber. "A BLOOOO BLA BLOO BLOO."

This Modern World
Official webpage for Tom Tomorrow, whose comic This Modern World skewers politicians weekly in your finer alternative newspapers. The site has links to comics new and old as well as a blog featuring political musings.

David Mack
The official website for the artist and writer behind Kabuki, a boundary-breaking exploration of the visual and storytelling possibilities of comics.

Get Fuzzy
A comic. A cat. A dog. But Darby Conley makes it all funny again.

Bolt City
Beautiful web-comics from Kazu Kibiushi. His "Copper" series, which was featured in Image Comics' Flight compilation, is a particular favorite.

The finest comic strip since Calvin and Hobbes, except it’s about quarter-life-crisis sufferers, harmless drug dealers, and other topics that would make Susie Derkins blush.


The Daily Howler New
Bob Somerby chronicles the conservative bias in our political media.

White House Briefing
Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post calls bullshit on the day's Presidential news.

Unclaimed Territory
Legal expert Glenn Greenwald gives in-depth analysis of the day's political news. Check him out to find out what the latest bill passed by Congress means.

Blogorific! A liberal perspective on the daily news.

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