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Patrick Alexander: Patrick Alexander is a twenty-seven-year-old amateur comedian/high school English teacher who has a passion for writing about the weird crap that happens in his everyday life. He lives a rock star’s lifestyle on a roadie’s salary in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He is single and loving it, and hopes to contribute more to FLYMF. Find him on the Web at www.myspace.com/xpoisoncloverx.

Laura Callier: Laura Callier currently lives in Chicago with two ghosts and lots of cat hair, but no cat. She studies comedy writing and improv at Annoyance Productions, and is the author and illustrator of the mini-comic "Lulu and Burdbird," available through cutegirldemographics.com. She is slightly attractive, but not TOO attractive, and for some reason, fancies herself a painter.

Jeanne Cook: Jeanne Cook lives in Phoenix with her two most demanding critics (her husband and teenaged daughter) and far more furred beasts than originally agreed to in the marriage vows. She works for Corporate America by day, and many times night, and writes all the others times. Sleep is optional. Drink is not. For other humorous musings, please visit her blog at http://jeannetgc.livejournal.com/. For more humor here, suggest to James (who she thinks is a wonderful man) that you'd like to hear more from her.

Dale Dobson: Dale Dobson continues to write, draw and perform in the metro Detroit area. His satirical work has recently been published by The Wittenburg Door, Yankee Pot Roast, Cracked, and National Lampoon. Look out! http://www.daledobson.com!

Andrew Dombrowski: Now that I'm getting paid by FLYMF, I think I'll quit my job and start writing full-time; Karen and I have no problem eating grilled cheese every night. We've been on a munster kick of late, damn near bought all they had at the Piggly Wiggly. Got twelve pounds thinly sliced in the fridge right now. I think when we’re done with that, we'll probably switch to cheddar or provolone for a while.  But no goat cheese—goats are dirty, filthy animals.  You can keep your feta cheese and your pita bread.

Larry Gaffney: Larry Gaffney would prefer not to say who or what he is.

Ralph Gamelli: Ralph Gamelli doesn't enjoy being the focus of attention, so he would very much prefer it if you read this bio quickly and then continued on with your day as if nothing had happened. Thanks.

David G.: Dave's first book, "Swift Kicks," was published this year by So New Publishing.

Wayne Gladstone: Wayne Gladstone lives in Maine with his wife and children. Some of his work has been featured in McSweeney's, Yankee Pot Roast, Cracked.com, and Opium, but all of it has not been featured in The New Yorker. He is a contributing editor to www.junkiness.com and writes a blog called Left Unsaid for Neal Pollock's Offsprung. If Wayne Gladstone were a restaurant, he would be a defunct roadside Roy Rogers sharing space with a wildly successful Bob's Big Boy. Visit Wayne at www.waynegladstone.com

Zachary Locklin: Zachary Locklin is a dead serious author with a noticeably-lacking sense of humor who only convinced us to publish his work by offering us various sexual favors. On which he later escaped delivery by claiming to have “a headache” and “an early-morning tomorrow.” His main interests are Zombies, Pirates, Vikings, Zombie-Pirates, Zombie Babies, Viking-vs.-Zombie battles, and Japanese Torture films. His favorite alcoholic beverage is the original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai. His favorite non-alcholic beverage is Banana Snapple.

Angela Lovell: Angela Lovell is an award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, and top dog of short tories who received scholarships at both Point Park College and New York University School of Tisch, eventually dropping out to pursue her dreams of waiting tables and temping. Once a writer at Universal Studios and MTV, Angela now writes wildly popular movie reviews that will guarantee her expulsion from Ashton Kutcher's parties, along with her world famous and eerily accurate Whorescopes. Get more of her goods at www.tickingboxes.com.

Adam Rust: Raised by scorpions, not only is Adam Rust the best cartoonist in the world, but also the toughest. “Adam's Rust” began at Adam's undergrad alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, in the late 90s. Adam contributes his genius to publications like Mad Magazine, The Funny Times, and is in Ted Rall's latest compilation book, “Attitude 3: The New Online Subversive Cartoonist.” Rust currently resides in Chicago where he teaches drawing classes, works as a carpenter, draws comics, and generally makes the world a better place. More of Adam's brilliance can be experienced at www.adamsrust.com.

J.D. Smith: J.D. Smith's second collection of poems, Settling for Beauty, was published in 2005, and his humor has appeared in several publications. He has been awarded a Fellowship in Poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts. Further information is available on his website, www.jdsmithwriter.com.

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