FLYMF's Last Movie
Find out whether FLYMF ends with a bang or a whimper.
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My Letter To Me, The Editor In Chief
"Considering that it’s probably more apt to compare us to or your Uncle Reggie’s Van Morrison impression, I don’t think we did too badly for ourselves."
by James Seidler


Larry’s Open Proposal
“I hereby proclaim my candidacy as a husband for any
marriageable woman of extraordinary financial means
whose comely image has graced the big or little screen,
a centerfold, the front page of a tabloid, or any other
mass-media venue.”
by Larry Gaffney

A Disgrace to the Gothic

“The idea behind Cureless was that the popular band the Cure,
which is commonly thought of as depressing, was and is not
depressing enough.”
by Zachary Locklin


Welcome To My Blog
“Sorry to report, I’m pulling the plug on my blog. I’ve learned you can gamble on the web, and frankly, that’s a lot more compelling.”
by David G.

A FLYMF Farewell Letter
“I swear to God if this is one of those retirements where one
year from now you come out of retirement to play for the
team in your home town, man that would piss me off.”
by Andrew Dombrowski


“Next year, for Mother’s Day, I’m going to enter her in an alligator-wrestling competition. That way, both of us could enjoy it.”
by Laura Callier

Fun With Nuns
“The dawning realization that Sister Pres was FLIRTING
with my husband took hold of him, me, and the attendance
ladies at the same time. The horror we shared was probably
different in nature, but still equal in intensity.”
by Jeanne Cook


Confessions Of An Anti-dentite
I suffered through fourth grade with a retainer that reduced my voice to a series of wet hisses. I sounded like Sylvester the Cat (and to give you a visual, I looked like Jonathan Bauer from Who’s the Boss).
by Patrick Alexander

The Great Tuvalu Liquidation Sale
“We, the country of Tuvalu, are going out of business, and
everything must go. That’s right: everything. We’re having
the world’s first-ever global warming liquidation sale.”
by J.D. Smith


June 2007 Whorescopes
“We all know where you’ve been...find out where
you’re going!”
by Angela Lovell

New Show Ideas For Chris Hansen When He’s Done With To Catch a Predator
The pervert watchdog decides to sniff some new ground.
by Wayne Gladstone


Jay Kingmaker: Fan Mail Wizard
“Mr. Jason Alexander might effectively be employed to
portray an irritable snowboarding instructor for Mountain
Dew, an apoplectic real estate agent for Century 21, or an easily-aggravated God for the Church of Latter-Day Saints.”
by Dale Dobson


Outrageous Claims

Cool Male II
by Nick Holle

Rope Off