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Recipe For Vegetable Lasagna
by Christine Magnotta


MMM. Home Cooking.  

This recipe makes two servings of a delightful and hearty entrée. You won’t believe how fast it’s done! Your home will feel like a home indeed as the aromas of this delicious dish spread through the house or apartment. There is no better way to get in servings of vegetables! And it makes an impressive dish for a dishy date, too. Just make sure to keep a knife handy to cut the cheese that drapes from your chin.  


2 microwaveable frozen spinach lasagnas
Parmesan cheese (optional)  


A microwave.  


1. Take the two microwaveable spinach lasagnas out of the freezer.

2. Open a corner of the package.
Note: Directions on microwaveable spinach lasagna differ as to whether the package needs to be opened or partially opened. So read the directions on the package.

3. Open the microwave door.

4. Put the lasagna in. Some of you will not be able to fit both lasagnas at the same time. If that is the case, then put one in and then repeat the process.

5. Program the microwave for the amount of time the package tells you to. Most are for 5-8 minutes.

6. Press start on your microwave.

7. Open the microwave when the microwave finishes AND ONLY WHEN THE MICROWAVE STOPS. Most microwaves will beep to indicate when that is. However, you can time it with a stopwatch or wait for the light inside of the microwave to go out.

8. Take the dishes out of the oven.

9. If you were not able to put both lasagnas in at the same time, then put the other one in now.

10. Open the container holding the lasagna, if the container is not completely open already.

11. With a fork or spatula or your hands, lift the lasagna out of the package.

12. Put on a plate.

13. Touch the lasagna. If it’s hot, wait a minute and eat it. If it’s not, eat it.

14. Bon appétit!


© 2006 Christine Magnotta, All Rights Reserved
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