Clearing Up Some Micsconceptions
by (Bananas the Chimp)



(To Bananas' human friends)


( Lately, people get very angry with the idea that humans descend from monkeys.)


(Luckily, this idea isn't true.)


(Humans don't descend from monkeys.)



(As research shows, humans and monkeys descend from a shared ancestor.)


(The evidence is very strong.)



( First, the fossil and mitochondrial evidence has long argued for a shared descent.)



( Second, humans and chimpanzees share 98% of their D.N.A..)


, , ,

( Third, humans and chimpanzees share such complex actions as tool use, war, and sex for pleasure.)


(Finally, use your eyes.)


, . .

( Now that Bananas has cleared this point up, people shouldn’t get angry at the idea that humans are descended from monkeys. It’s offensive.)






© 2005 James Seidler, All Rights Reserved
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