Dean Frame, 1958-2004
by Nick Holle


The world is a man short as of last week when FLYMF’s good friend and sexual position consultant, Dean Frame, 45, fell from an old sugar maple about twenty-six feet up, hitting several branches on the way down, getting tangled in some electrical wiring, tumbling to the ground, and severing his spinal cord in eight places.

He is survived by his ex-wife Cheryl Quandt-Frame, his other ex-wife Bonnie Jubbles, his mother Mary Urso Frame, brothers Walt and Tito Frame, and an assortment of less important relatives and pets.

He is preceded in death by his aborted son Hal and his three subsequent stillborn girls, Willa, Jean, and Ole Number Three, his father Hubie Frame, and ancestors too numerous and forgettable to mention here.

The youngest of three boys, Dean grew up in Arbuckle, Ohio, attended Bowling Green, then earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Antwerp State University in Belgium in 1988 and a second Ph.D. in Psychology from Steakers College in Boston in 1993. He worked for Bell Helicopter and Teen People before starring opposite Chuck Genre in two 1999 pornographic films Goodfingas and Ate Women Out, while researching his first book, a memoir, Even Kids From Arbuckle, Ohio Can Be Porn Stars.

As a sexual position consultant for FLYMF, Dean provided us with the most up-to-date trends and experiments in global sexual positioning technique. He always had the answers and a couple of slang terms for even our zaniest of sexual position queries, and he solved many a logistical nightmare. His famous catchphrase was: “Guys, that’s just not possible!” And it was a source of great satisfaction when Dean said it to you.

His second book Sex Without A Position Is Just Not Possible! was an international bestseller and has been translated into thirty-six languages.

Visitation was held privately by the family at an undisclosed location. It was a good turnout. Services for Frame did not take place as he was a devout athiest and wanted only to be buried and decomposed by the salt of the earth.

Dean was loved by nearly everyone he met, even by his wives for a little while. His smile will always remind us of his joy and tartar. “He was like a brother to me,” said Walt Frame, Dean’s brother. Well, Walt? He was like a brother to us all. He will be missed. Dean Frame, dead at 45.

Donations can be forwarded to The Dean Frame Memorial Giveaway, c/o Nick Holle, Associate Editor, FLYMF, 2733 S. Hoover St., Apt 3., Los Angeles, CA 90007. Dean, his family, and FLYMF thank you for your support.

© 2004 Nick Holle, All Rights Reserved
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