Other Senseless Foolery
(Comics & Movies)


Global Warming
A public Service Announcement from Nick Holle laying out the real facts behind the global warming debate.
(QuickTime 2.2 MB)
by Nick Holle
Seeing Eye People
Another movie from Nick Holle, this time with heartfelt advice on how to best help the blind.
(QuickTime 1.4 MB)
by Nick Holle

Inside Enduring Freedom
Associate Editor Nick Holle gets another cover shoot, this time after a stint at Abu Ghraib
by Nick Holle


A Visit With An Image Consultant
FLYMF sits in on a strategy session with the Republican candidate for State Senator in Kansas' 16th district.
(QuickTime 5.3 MB)

FLYMF Voter Guide
Glen Golightly, official FLYMF investigative humor reporter, offers a shorthand guide to the candidates. Print it out and take it to the polling station.
by Glen Golightly

Life in the Big City
A new FLYMF Select Your Own Quest from Questmaster
James Seidler. (Over 8,000 ways to make yourself dissolve
into sly, urban giggles)
by James Seidler

Rufus, the Musically Gifted Canine Psychotic
A harrowing and hilarious look into the disturbingly

sung inner universe of one seriously messed up pooch.
(QuickTime 1.1 MB)

by Michael Zimmer

How2BeFunny "Thought You Should Know" Public Service Announcement
Our friends at www.how2befunny.com present an

important public service announcement. Enjoy the
laughs, but don’t ignore the message.
(Quicktime 1.6 MB)
by Brian King and Jeremy Kruse

Thunder Jack
A new FLYMF production from Michael Zimmer. Witness the exploits of Thunder, metrosexual bounty hunter.

(QuickTime 11.4MB—Big but beautiful.)
by Michael Zimmer


FLYMF The Vote 2004
As the elections grow nigh, FLYMF offers voters some
simple advice.
(QuickTime 1.94MB)
by Nick Holle


Cool Male
FLYMF's Associate Editor gets his first magazine cover.
View it, and read a portion of the interview from this
month's Cool Male Magazine.
by Nick Holle


FLYMF's First Movie!
A behind the scenes look at FLYMF.

Warning: contains extreme hilarity!
QuickTime (6.24MB, but worth it)


Ode To Tank Tops
With his satin voice and beautiful acoustic sound, Mike Leske plays ones for the ladies.
(mp3, 2.83 MB)

A Message From P.A.P.A.
(QuickTime 792 KB)
by Nick Holle