Higher Higher Education
A FLYMF Select-A-Quest
by James Seidler

As the runaway success of Old School demonstrated, one of the most resonant themes in popular culture is the desire to return to the heedlessness of youth.   People all across the country are fed up with the demands of what some sneeringly call the "Real World," and are looking to return to a simpler time, when a person's worth was gauged by how much beer they could drink and there was never any reason to get up before noon.   Sadly, many feel that with their undergraduate commencement this life of fulfillment has forever been placed out of reach.   What they're overlooking in the reality of a magical place called "Graduate School," where twenty-eight is what nineteen used to be and, remarkably, they pay you to go.   To celebrate this Neverland of academia, we here at FLYMF have created a select-a-quest to take you through the peaks and valleys of higher, higher education.   Enjoy!


Your applications are in, your GRE's are good, and it's time for you to pick what you want to study.   Are you going to go into:


The Humanities