My Letter To Me, The Editor In Chief
by James Seidler


Dear Editor of FLYMF,

FLYMF could have gone on forever. After all, publishing on the web doesn’t really cost anything (that’s why we started doing it). The payment we provide our contributors sadly doesn’t break the bank. And Nick Holle will keep drawing Furt and Sampter every month as long as I have my photos of him with the (short-lived) FLYMF high-school spirit squad.

But going on forever would have been the worst thing that could have happened to FLYMF. The list of comedic enterprises that slogged on long after losing their initial spark—Garfield, National Lampoon, The Simpsons, Ronald Reagan—is too long to fully compile. And those are successful ones! Reagan got elected to a second term. Considering that it’s probably more apt to compare us to or your Uncle Reggie’s Van Morrison impression, I don’t think we did too badly for ourselves.

Except financially, where we managed to lose $1,500 over three years. Whoops!

So, is this it for FLYMF? Not exactly. Everything the site has published will remain online (even God Vs. Zeus), and we’re going to convert the homepage to a greatest-hits format to make the archives easier to dig around in. The message board will finally enter 2004 by being converted to a blog, where I plan to offer my occasional thoughts on humor, politics, and art, and even the occasional funny piece, if the spirit moves me. Finally, we’re working on getting a greatest hits collection together for publication sometime this fall, so be sure to keep an eye out for news on that.

When it started, FLYMF was conceived with the idea of filling a niche that still seems neglected—providing intelligent humor for sophisticated (ok, semi-sophisticated) adults. To put on my political hat for a moment, it’s also been a reaction to a time where our country has embraced some of its worst aspects: torture, the elevation of selfishness to a virtue, and abasement to fear.

It’s heartening, though, to think that one of the first chinks to show in our government’s culture of nonsense resulted from a speech by a comedian, Stephen Colbert, at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. Laughter can be a gut punch—I hope we got a few in, and I hope we can all keep throwing them in the future.

Laughter’s more than that, though. It’s play, and fun, and silliness for silliness’ sake. It’s one of the best ways to spend our time and a challenge to boot, seeing whether you can make someone do it again.

Hopefully we’ve succeeded in that challenge from time to time. Hopefully we’ll succeed again as our readers look back through our archives to re-read stories they’ve enjoyed in the past. And hopefully they’ll laugh all the way to the bank when our anthology comes out.

Thanks for everything. It’s been great.

James Seidler, editor, FLYMF

© 2007 James Seidler, All Rights Reserved
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