My Letter To Me, A Christmas Icon
by Frosty the Snowman



Hello all, this is Frosty the Snowman. For twenty-five years now I’ve been visiting you in your living room during the holiday season in order to entertain you with my escapades and warm your hearts with my Christmas cheer. We’ve spent a lot of time together over the years, and I’ve always been there when you needed me to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

Well friends, now it’s time for me to ask you a favor.

The current administration in Washington has been one of the more environmentally regressive in recent memory. Their actions have reduced the protection extended to our forests, compromised the purity of our air and water, and weakened essential provisions of the Endangered Species Act. Most devastatingly, from a personal perspective, they have removed the U.S. as a signatory to the Kyoto treaty, which is meant to combat increasing greenhouse gas proliferation and the associated threat of global warning.

I realize global warming may not be a top priority for a lot of people. Much has been made about this past election being about values, and it’s a simple fact that hearing about increasing carbon dioxide emissions doesn’t have quite the impact of seeing Burt and Burt down the street getting married. Values are a big thing right now and Frosty can get that; after all, Frosty’s all about values.

Unfortunately, Frosty is also made of snow. Which means that global warming is a real issue.

The potential impact of global warming could be devastating. Sea levels could rise dramatically, swamping cities such as New York City and New Orleans. Weather patterns could change, leading to increased incidences of extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods, and tornadoes. And one priceless icon of Christmas spirit could end up a little puddle on the floor.

Nor am I the only ice creature affected. The Yeti and the Abominable Snowman were going to co-sign this letter, but went extinct on Tuesday.

I realize the reluctance many people have about entangling the U.S. in agreements that can limit its sovereignty. But if you don’t want to amend the treaty, could you at least car-pool or something? Use a push mower? Sure, it might be a little more work, but it would make a big difference for me.

The ball is in your court America. Future generations, as well as current snowmen, demand that you do something about global warming before it’s too late. Don’t allow action on this important issue to be blocked by further bureaucratic tangles. Because if you do, Christmas spirit be damned, I’ll have to proceed with my plan to blow up the sun.



© 2004 James Seidler, All Rights Reserved
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